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    Tags: I had a great experience with Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | 917-703-7069   

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr… 

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vendemia and his associate twice. I had two syringe fillers done from my nose down to my lips and he did an amazing job. I am very pleased with the results. He is very gentle and pays attention to what you want done. Dr. V. as they call him for short, is very professional and has a great personality. He doesnt rush you out of the office and makes conversations with you. I was highly recommended to his by a friend . I would recommend Dr. V. to anyone who i slooking for some type of enhancement. Go see Dr. V. youl be very pleased. thank you


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    Tags: Before and After Rhinoplasty Septoplasty by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | 917-703-7069, Plastic Surgery New York, Plastic Surgery NYC, Rhinoplasty for crooked nose, Septoplasty for breathing problems   

    I had a Rhinoplasty by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia… 

    My son’s deviated septum has bothered him for years and although I promised I would have it corrected I had not met a surgeon I trusted. However, once I met Dr. V I knew I was putting my son in the best possible hands. Dr. V made my son feel confident that this was this was the Dr.for him (thanks for allaying my anxiety too). Dr. V and his PA Shea corrected what was cosmetically a significant issue for my son but as an extra bonus he can breath through his nose! The best part was there was no bruising and NO PAIN!!! I am still in shock and awe. As for aftercare…there really are no words to describe the wonderful level of care given to both the patient and his over protective parents (I know keeping me at bay is no small task(LOL) so hats off to Shea and Karin for holding my hand through it all). I will be forever grateful to Dr. V and his wonderful staff for all their wonderful work. Dr. V is an artist and healer of the highest caliber!

    KL for ML

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    I recently had botox injections done at MAS… 

    I recently had botox injections done at MAS by Shea, Dr. V’s PA and it was probably one of the best experiences with botox I have ever had. I’ve been getting botox for over 10 years in several different cities, including LA! and Shea’s work is up there at the top! We covered a lot of areas with absolutely no bruising and amazing results! I highly recommend her!

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    Having acquired Botox for the past ten years… 

    Having acquired Botox for the past ten years and every visit resulting in mild to severe bruising, this was an extremley surprising and very pleasant experience with Dr. V and his exceptionally attractive and amiable staff (hello Karin and Shea!). Being fair and thin skinned, coupled with not wanting everyone to know why I look so fresh, it was very challenging to attend any public event for minally one week post treatment. Not so with Dr. V. His meticulous care, patience, and eye for any possible unwanted results were absolutely extraordinary. I am recommending him to all my friends (those “in the know”) and to others who are thinking about having any procedures done. Dr. V. is one of the most kindest, thoughtful, realistic, and generous persons I have had the great pleasure of meeting and now becoming one of his most ardent patients!
    I am grateful for stumbling upon Dr. V. and his incredible staff. Thank you, Dr. V., Karin, and Shea. See you soon!!


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    My wife since she was a teenager was… 

    My wife, since she was a teenager, was unable to wear (in her words) “clothes for girls” because she was almost completely flat chested. She had always wanted a nice curvy figure and after thinking about the procedure (breast augmentation to increase cup size/implantation), we decided that enhancing her chest would really boost her self-confidence. She works out at the gym, eats right, and has a slim body, but now we wanted to give her body the “oomph” which not only turns heads but gives her the opportunity to wear “clothes for girls” such as corsets and other tight form-fitting clothing that is feminine and sensual. We chose Dr. V. after a primary consultation and were very pleased with the end result. The one thing I liked about Dr. V’s approach was that he outlined, from the first to the last step, what was to be expected. The surgery went very well (surgery was performed in March of 2011), and now my wife turns heads everywhere she goes, both of men and women! Last time we were out all dressed up nicely was at the Galleria Mall in Houston TX and everyone was looking AND admiring 😉 We thank Dr. V. for giving us an outstanding result – both because of his expertise in the operating room, as well as choosing the best cup size and implant option (saline vs. silicone and why) for her.


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    My first experience with Dr V was yesterday… 

    My first experience with Dr. V was yesterday. He is amazing and since I’ve had many previous “procedures” I am not easily impressed. Dr. V spent a great deal of time listening, explaining, advising me of my best options and didn’t make promises of the unobtainable. Now I’m about to clear my calendar and begin with the “Liquid Facelift”.

    I must also tell you that while at Dr. V’s I had a facial with Shea. This morning my face looks and feels amazing. I’m thrilled and if one facial (is it the products?) can do this…I must do this regularly.

    I will follow up after my “Liquid Facelift” and might join the photo gallery.


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    If there is anyone out there thinking of… 

    If there is anyone out there thinking of a Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty then I urge you to see Dr. Nicholas Vendemia. I had both done by him . I will come back at a later date and tell all of you how great the results turn out. I can tell you that Dr. V is pretty amazing, he has a wonderful bedside manner . My husband is not easy to please and after several years of having consultations with other surgeons I took my husband to meet Dr. V, I remember driving home and hearing my husband say ” I think this Dr. will give you the look that you have been after call and book the first opening ” I knew Dr. V was going to be great, but I must also say that the experience was made just as wonderful starting with his staff the office manager Karin and his wonderful PA Shea. I got wonderful attention, phone calls were always returned and my husband always got all the answers he needed from Shea. The office is wonderful, you will be treated great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I truly cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. V and his staff.


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    I met Dr V at L’azur La Vie… 

    I met Dr. V. at L’azur La Vie Day Spa in Nyack and was very impressed with his presentation, explanation of the different procedures he does and the before and after pictures. I went because I wanted botox injections for my crow’s feet and lines in my forehead. I already had a local plastic surgeon who did my breast augmentation many years ago, and more recently botox and restalyn injections, and I was very happy with his results and feel very loyal to him. I never thought I would use another plastic surgeon, but when I met Dr. V. through the spa, I was so impressed with him that I decided to give him a try. To say that I am happy I did is an understatement! The first thing I noticed was that the injections were virtually painless- something I did not experience with my other doctor. My other doctor told me that botox could help a little with the crow’s feet but could not erase it like it can for the forehead lines. That is the main reason why I was never very happy with botox because what I really wanted was for those ugly crow’s feet to go away. I did not see much improvement with my other doctor, but thought it was because of limitations with what botox can do. Boy did Dr. V. change my opinion about that! My crow’s feet were pretty deep but after Dr. V. gave me botox, they almost completely disappeared! I never thought I could get such great results. The lines in my forehead disappeared as well. My sister has gone to many different doctors for botox and she was absolutely amazed at the results I got from Dr. V. She never saw such an improvement in crow’s feet from botox before. She can’t wait to make her appointment with him. I have to say that I am very thankful that I found Dr. V. because I now know that he can do things that most other plastic surgeons cannot do. I thought I had the best doctor until I found Dr. V.~ now I know I have the best!


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    I can’t say enough about my experiences with Dr. Vendemia… 

    I can’t say enough about my experiences, yes more than a few, with Dr. Vendemia. The office is beautiful, the staff is beautiful, and Dr. V’s achieved goals are to make his patients more beautiful than they dream of.
    From the moment you enter the office, throughout your procedures and follow up, you are treated with kindness, care, and professionalism. I work in the “beauty industry” and tell everyone I know, and some that I don’t, to visit MAS to make their dreams come true.
    xoxo to Karin and Shea


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    I recently decided to get lip augmentation done… 

    I recently decided to get lip augmentation done with Dr. V. I have had both a derm and a plastic surgeon do the procedure in the past, but this was a totally different experience – for the better. In the past, lip augmentation was very painful, with the effects lasting only a short time. Dr. V’s technique was virtually painless with a beautiful, natural looking result. I am completely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend anyone who is hesitant to do it to give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

    As a side note, Dr. V’s staff is wonderful – they make you feel very comfortable and are super friendly. They are extremely professional from the minute you walk in to the follow-up post visit. Very hard to find that these days.


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    I have been thinking about breast augmentation for… 

    I have been thinking about breast augmentation for at least 8 years now. I decided now was a good time as any to do it. Of course finding the right plastic surgeon can make or break your “dreams” of achieving this. I came upon Dr V through a friend and it was a done deal. When you meet Dr. V, you immediately feel at ease. He is knowledgeable, intelligent and has great “bedside manners”. He doesn’t rush you through the consultation, you’re free to stay as long as needed to get all your questions answered. MAS office is impeccable, the PA (Shea) and Patient Coordinator (Karin) are all wonderful. They’re available 24/7 to answer any questions/concerns before and after surgery via email, text or phone! Before you go into the OR, you meet everyone who will be with you during the case. As for the breast augmentation itself, Dr V gave me great recommendations as to size and placement of the implants.He also informed me of the technique that he was going to use. I was immediately ecstatic with the results. In 2 days, the bandages came off and only steri strips stayed on. I had no bruising, swelling was expected, and pain went away in 2 days. The breasts look natural and the size came out proportional to my body without looking fake but still had “oomph”. But to each her own, you tell him what you want and he will make sure you are happy with the results. I must say, ladies, if any of you are interested in breast augmentation or any kind of plastic surgery, Dr V is the one for you!


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    Dr. V is truly the best 

    He is truly the best! As a PA in the plastic surgery field I have worked with many aesthetic surgeons and have had botox and juvederm before but never with the same results that i had with Dr. V. From the moment you walk into the office you experience a sense of ease…it is truly a spa-like experience. Everyone from the office manager to his PA are welcoming and wonderful.
    I still dont know how it is possible but my botox starting working the very next day after i saw Dr. V and it was absolutely the best result i have ever had with it. I also had a minor lip augmentation with juvederm and it was 100% pain free! He gave me a dental block that i barely felt and that actually worked. I have always been terrified to have my lips injected again because of how painful it was with other surgeons but that is not an issue at all with Dr. V. My lips look amazing and so natural!
    I have truly never experienced a surgeon quite like Dr. V. He is kind, gentle, a great listener, and most importantly an absolute genius in the field of cosmetic surgery. His techniques are quite unique and put him far above any other NYC plastic surgeons. I feel sorry for any plastic surgery patient that doesn’t know about him and i certainly will never go to anyone else!


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    If you are looking for a qualified experienced… 

    If you are looking for a qualified experienced Plastic surgeon with wonderful bedside manner, you will find all of that with Dr Vendemia. I have had Botox elsewhere, but the results I had with Dr V were far superior to what I had in the past. He also makes it a pleasant process as I really had no pain. My past experience was not as comfortable. After seeing the great results I had with Botox I moved on to Juvederm and again the results were amazing. He has taken years off of my face and given me a real confidence boost. I have discussed several possibilities for some other procedures and am confident he will be the best choice for both. If you want to look younger and feel confident, this is the place to go!


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    I have had injectables done by dermatolo… 

    I have had injectables done by dermatologist, plastic surgeons, nurses, etc over the course of three years and I must say, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia has been by far the best experience. Will definitely be returning for future treatments.


  • Real Patient 12:06 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink

    Dr. Vendemia is just great! Although I had been contemplating getting my saggy/baggy neck trimmed for sometime, I was very reluctant to take the plunge. It was a familial thing but as I was 64 it really became a major issue as I felt I looked much older than I felt. I had gone for 3 consultations before I met Dr. V, but as soon as I met him I had a sense he was going to be the right doctor for me. Why? Because he listened to me, and was very patient. He took the time to answer all my questions, and addressed all my misgivings. It was very important to me that it look natural. Since I was only having my lower half done, I was very concerned that the work would be obvious (as compared to the top half of my face). My sisters (who I had told) are 10 & 12 years younger than I am are planning on getting their’s done in the future with Dr. V, but my brother (only 3 years younger) and son, didn’t notice a thing. Perfect! C.B.
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