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    Tags: 2 1/2 weeks from initial call to my nieces' WEDDING!!!!!, experience at MAS, , reviews of manhattan aesthetic surgery   

    I simply can’t say enough FANTASTIC things about Dr. Vendemia… 

    First of all I want to apologize for taking so long to rave about Dr V., Karin, the Surgery Center and staff!
    I had a serious ego 911 situation – I had 14 year old bilateral saline implants (with no issues) until 2 1/2 weeks before my niece’s wedding. While showering, my left breast implant deflated – which would not have been a big deal except I had a wedding to attend in 2 weeks – my original surgeon was no longer practicing so I began my online search for hours… I found MAS & Dr. V. – I read his website from end to end (hours of reading & researching) – I reviewed images on all the different galleries – read the testimonials – Dr V’s background and searched online to see if there were any complaints or issues (since I didn’t know him or anyone that had had surgery with him)….I was quite impressed with the results in the galleries – so despite what people say it’s all in the eye of the beholder 🙂

    After seeing the results on the website – I thought – maybe I could get an eyelid lift while we were at it – so I would look really refreshed for the wedding – not just perky 🙂

    Having recently turned 50 and having a hereditary droopy eyelid (worse with age) – I figured – why not – let’s see if I could have my 50th birthday wishes come true – don’t forget – I have 2 1/2 weeks until my niece’s wedding!!!!

    Step one was completed – I found the doctor for me – now step 2, 3, 4 & 5 weren’t going to be easy to accomplish —
    1) get a consultation in the next few days
    2) schedule surgery within a week
    3) take care of financing & pre-op clearance
    4) have surgery with 1 week for recovery!!! OMG – can Dr. Vendemia pull it off?????

    I was very nervous about the deflated implant (you hear so many horror stories), and I’ve seen awful plastic doll faces after eyelid surgery – but I was confident (based on what I read & saw) that Dr. V could make me refreshed and perky once again!

    So this is how easy it was; sent a text message, left a phone message, and sent an email – because I NEEDED an appointment FAST – Karin – Dr. V’s right hand lady – contacted me immediately – we spoke on the phone – I explained my very tight deadline and my hopeful wishes – she was able to change things around and I got in immediately for my consultation…AMAZING!!!! She handled everything with ease – got my questions answered, and it felt like she wived a magic wand —- and all was taken care of – financing done, pre-op appointments, lab work, etc – all handled in the consultation – simply AMAZING!!!!! surgery scheduled, phone numbers to call with questions – texts back and forth to be sure I was getting everything accomplished before surgery…
    and then Dr. V – was nothing short of amazing!!!!!! So compassionate, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, confident – not arrogant – GREAT bedside manor – made me feel completely at ease!!!!! Answered all my questions (the ones I forgot – I texted Karin & she got me answers immediately – as if he were standing right there) – he explained that the implants weren’t going to be an issue, but that I would have to rest & ice all week to be sure I had no bruising/swelling for the wedding – he believed it was possible – and as a result so did I !!!!!!

    Surgery went off without a hitch – the anesthesiologist was just as wonderful as Dr. V – as were the nurses, techs, and staff – which made the day go very smoothly and comfortable – very relaxed environment – you don’t feel like a number – you feel well taken care of!!!!

    Dr. V did exactly as promised – he made me perky and bright eyed again!!!!!! I didn’t have a single bruise/swelling the day of the wedding!!!!! Not one – not a little – nothing – I am still amazed at the results – my dress fit GREAT and I looked refreshed and awake for my photos 🙂

    I simply can’t say enough FANTASTIC things about Dr. Vendemia, & Karin – they were the reason I was able to look FABULOUS in 2 1/2 weeks – what a feat!!!!! I recommend Dr. Vendemia 200% – thank you so very much – sincerely – thank you – thank you – thank you!!!!!!! Carole C.

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    Tags: breast augmentation in new york, testiminoial about dr vendemia breast augmentation   

    My breast augmentation case was particularly difficult… 

    When I first went to Dr.Vendemia for consultation on breast augmentation I actually worried that he might refuse to accept my case given the challenges it posed. Not only do I have a small frame with nearly no breast tissue, I had a childhood trauma to my chest that depressed one side of my chest bone, leaving my breasts asymmetric in every way – depth, width, height, nipple line, etc… Dr. Vendemia assured me that he would be able to fix the problems but he would need to use implants of two different sizes. On the day of the surgery a few OR nurses asked me who my surgeon was. When i told them it was Dr. Vendemia they all told me he was great and that I was in good hands. They were right. The end result turned out surprisingly fabulous! The nipples and breast folds of my new breasts aligned just perfectly even with implants of different size, and my breasts look pretty natural and symmetrical. My recovery time was much shorter than I expected. Dr. Vendemia really did take time to evaluate my case and presented me all the possible options of implant types and sizes that I could choose from. He was also very honest with the adivce he gave. Even after the procedure, he would still take time to answer any concerns and continued to follow up with me closely. This procedure meant alot to me and I am extremely thankful to Dr. Vendemia. Believe me, he is truely a gifted plastic surgeon. If he was able to perform such an impressive job in a challenging case like mine, you should not have any doubt in his ability to do a good job in yours. Schedule a consultation to see him nowwww ! 🙂

    • Rachel
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    Tags: , breast augmentation with dr nicholas vendemia at manhattan aesthetic surgery in new york city   

    Dr Vendemia is a true professional 

    Dr. Vendemia with Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery (MAS) is a true professional plastic surgeon and approaches his work almost like an art. Dr. V is very respectful, personable and patient, not to mention exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. If you are nervous about choosing a plastic surgeon and moving forward with a breast augmentation procedure (in my case), look no further – Dr. V will perform a spectacular job! Truth be told, I was a tough case with having such an acutely small frame to begin with and requesting a considerable size increase (pushing the higher end of the size range), all while maintaining a natural look. Dr. V nailed it. He perfected the procedure and I wholeheartedly mean this. They don’t look fake at all – they’re remarkable and gorgeous, yet I still feel so natural. Furthermore, I appreciated his truthfulness to any and all questions asked. When presented with the option of size (cc’s and profile type) and location of the implant itself, we went over the pros and cons of each many, many times. Based on extensive experience, he gave his honest opinion, presented options and advised accordingly. These are qualities I especially admire because it demonstrates the following: 1) Dr. V cares about his business and reputation; 2) he wants his patients to be happy, feel good and have the confidence that they’re in good hands; and 3) he clearly desires to achieve a superior end result for his patients. I felt he was giving me just that. I couldn’t be happier with the breast augmentation procedure and experience with Dr. Vendemia at MAS. I LOVE the new (pardon) boobs; they’re simply perfect!

    On a separate note, and prior to scheduling a consultation at MAS, my husband and I created a laundry list of questions about the breast augmentation procedure. I’m sure Dr. V taken back by the number of questions, but he handled us with such grace and professionalism. He never rushed us either. Then, we went in for a second round of follow up questions to narrow down our choices to decide on the best surgeon. We took far too much of his time with the question and answer sessions; but, it was clear in the end that Dr. V and his staff would take the best care of me throughout the entire process.

    Dr. Vendemia’s Office Manager, Karin, is a delightful woman as well. She is always responsive both via phone and text message. They thoroughly prepared me for the procedure at the surgical center and set expectations as to how I would feel and what to do post-procedure. They checked in later that evening as well to make sure I was okay. Throughout the critical post-op period, Karin was available to answer questions with amazingly quick turnaround time. Talk about a comforting feeling. Like Dr. V, she definitely takes care of the patients too.

    Is there such designation as a master breast augmentation surgeon? Well, if there is, hand it over to Dr. V! One last repetitive point, I LOVE my new boobs! 🙂


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    Tags: Inverted Nipple Correction   

    I had a fantastic experience with Dr Vendemia… 

    I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Vendemia! At first I wasn’t even aware that there was a way to fix inverted nipples. After doing some research I found Dr. Vendemia’s name and made an appointment. I was really nervous to do it, so I went to talk to him two times before I even committed to doing the procedure. He was really helpful and explained the whole thing and never pressured me to do it. The day of the procedure he and his PA were really nice and they helped to calm me down. I couldn’t believe and how quick, smooth, and basically pain-free it was. Karin was on call the next couple of days for any questions I had, and I went to see Dr. V for several follow ups to make sure I was healing properly. Both he and Karin made me feel relaxed and comfortable through everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking for this procedure or any other type of cosmetic surgery! I am very pleased with my results and would definitely go to see him again in the future if I needed anything.

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    Tags: nyc rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty experts, rhinoplasty in new york city by dr nicholas vendemia plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty new york   

    Rhinoplasty with Dr. Vendemia at MAS in New York City 

    Dr. Vendemia gave me a FABULOUS new nose!!! Upon a recommendation from a friend, I scheduled a consultation at MAS. The staff is super friendly and attentive. Dr. V is very patient, and listened attentively to what I was expecting from the surgery. He explained what the procedure would be like and what I could expect from the results, and he delivered! The surgical facility was top notch, with a staff that handled all of my needs safely and with empathy. Dr. V visited with me before and after the surgery, and spoke to my family members to let them know that all was well. I’m so pleased with the results of my rhinoplasty and how quickly I healed. There was so little bruising and discomfort, I was back at work one week later! And the best part is, I still look like me, just an improved version. If you are looking for a talented plastic surgeon and a warm and comforting experience, I highly recommend MAS and Dr. Vendemia. My nose is a work of art!


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    Tags: laser for broken capillaries, laser treatment for broken capillaries by dr nicholas vendemia at MAS   

    Laser treatment for facial veins 

    I just had laser treatment for facial veins, and the results are amazing. I began with a free consultation with Dr. Vendemia, and he was very helpful but applied no pressure to undergo treatment. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. The procedure room has a “zen” quality, which includes a chair with heat and massage! Dr. V. took great care to answer all questions and create clear expectations about what to expect. The process and results were just as he described. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work–a quality you definitely want in your physician. If you’re considering having a treatment or procedure, I highly recommend seeing Dr. V. I would have done this long ago had I known I would get these results!


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    Tags: , lip filler,   

    Lip Injections with Dr. Vendemia at MAS 

    i just wanted to let everyone know how amazing my experience w dr. vendemia was. i am so glad i found MAS. the whole staff (esp. alicia and karin) have made me feel so welcome. they were extremely helpful and accommodating.

    i am by no means “rich”. i am not a wealthy manhattan girl. i am a REAL 29 year old waitress, living in albany ny. i have been unhappy with the appearance of my thin, chapped lips for quite some time now. ive always dreamed of getting lip injections to fill in the creases, and make them look softer, and more femine. i also wanted it to be so natural, that no one would suspect i had “work” done. i have never had any cosmetic surgery done before and never wanted to risk looking fake… ummm hello, trout pout…

    i found photos of dr. vendemias work online, did a ton of research, and decided to schedule a free consultation. i figured i had nothing to lose. when i finally arrived, i knew i made the right decision. dr vendemia took the time to truly listen to my concerns and guide me in the right direction. i explained how i needed a natural look. i also voiced my concerns with bruising and swelling. i knew it was common to bruise and swell, but with the right method, it can be dramatically reduced. he has a steady, yet gentle hand. he took his sweet time, making sure everything was perfect. he would stop, show me the progress, and ask if i wanted more injected. i never thought i would have said “yes”, but he was so careful, that i kept going!

    my lips looked great immediately. i walked around manhattan for another 5 hours before i started to swell (normal side effect). the swelling was so minimal- not at all what i was expecting. i never bruised once. everyone told me i looked great, but couldnt place what has changed. i feel much more femine and confident. i cant believe i waited so long to do this. it really was an easy, pleasant experience.

    the best part of getting lip injections here is that i have up to one month to use up the rest of the vial i had purchased. no ridiculous hidden fees. i bought it, it’s mine. i decided to go back a few weeks later to use up the rest of the vial, and never once felt weird about it- or like i was putting anyone out. dr v is a really nice man, and he really is amazing. i wouldnt trust anyone else with needles on my face! haha

    ps- if anyone wants to get a hold of me for questions, please feel free. im more than happy to help 🙂

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    Tags: Cheekbone augmentation with Dr Nicholas Vendemia at MAS   

    Wonderful experience comforting and relaxing spa atmosphere smart… 

    Wonderful experience, comforting and relaxing spa atmosphere, smart and skillful Doctor Vendemia! Oh, and I look head turning, traffic-stopping great with new, high cheekbones and more defined chin and cute, plump upper lip.

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    The service I received was amazing… 

    I would like to say that Dr.Vendemia and staff are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, patient, and great manners. They made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. The service I received was amazing, I’m not a wealthy person and I have been saving for my breast augmentation, and Botox, I didn’t feel discriminated or treated any less different because I was working with a budget. Karin is great. She was always a text away… answering all my questions and reassuring me that everything will be fine. My Botox experience was amazing. I didn’t bruise or felt any pain at all. My breast augmentation was done beautiful, even the scare faded away fast. My recovering time was fast. However I felt my implants were big for me. I express to both Dr. Vendemia and Karin, how I felt. They were very supportive and understanding with me. I probably drove them crazy, although everyone told me my breast looked wonderful and natural. They were amazed how it was only 2 months I had done my surgery. After speaking with Dr. Vendemia to discuss this matter.. He wanted to me to be 100 percent happy. So I agreed to go under and get smaller implants. I was very nervous and scare. Dr. Vendemia met me at the Center for specialty care like the first time. He was very nice and accommodating with the revision surgery. I had my surgery done on Monday, and I was back at work on Wednesday. My breast are still swollen and healing but I already like the difference. I have the cleavage and fullness I originally wanted. When I went back on Tuesday after my surgery. Dr. Vendemia changed my bandage and was very caring. I had to give him and Karin a big hug as I was leaving. My overall experience with MAS and staff was great. I would highly recommend Dr. Vendemia for any of his service..


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    Tags: Sclerotherapy with Dr. Nicholas Vendemia Plastic Surgeon New York   

    I recently visited Dr Vendemia for spider veins… 

    I recently visited Dr. Vendemia for spider veins on my legs. This was my second attempt at treating these ugly spider veins via Sclerotherapy. My first treatment which was NOT with Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery was painful and uncomfortable, and I had to wear compression stockings, which was a big nuisance. Unfortunately, my results were not good, and the veins persisted.
    Dr. Vendemia was very direct. He responded to my numerous questions with honest and direct responses that were, ultimately, exactly correct! The treatment was totally painless and gentle. The best part is within two days, the veins began to appear much diminished, and look like they are disappearing with each day that passes. I had no downtime, no pain, and I was so pleased with my experience. I will definitely without a doubt return to Dr. Vendemia and I would recommend him to my family and closest friends as well!


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    Tags: Rhinoplasty by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS   

    I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Nicholas Vendemia 

    It’s been almost three months since my rhinoplasty with Dr. V and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

    I flew across country for the procedure after talking with Dr. V, Karin and Shea for the months leading up to the big day. They all put me at ease with the surgery (a first for me, along with undergoing anesthesia) and made me feel very comfortable and confident with my decision. I feel that they were very thorough in their explanations and answered all of my many questions with clarity. I knew exactly what to expect going into and coming out of surgery, but everything turned out so much easier than what I anticipated! I, surprisingly, did not have much bruising and the swelling wasn’t too hard to manage. I was shocked at how painless my recovery was as well!

    Dr. V and Shea listened to exactly what I wanted out of the surgery and delivered results completely in line with my vision and desires. The change is subtle enough so that I can go about my life without anyone really noticing that I had something done but just enough so that I have a more confident attitude and demeanor.

    I can’t thank the MAS staff enough for their support, understanding and flexibility with making this such a great experience and for helping me be a better, happier self! Despite living across the country, they have been very accessible and accomodating with post-surgery questions and appointments. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend MAS!


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    Tags: Breast Implant Revision - Augmentation, PIP breast implant removal and replacement with Dr Nicholas Vendemia from MAS Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery   

    I knew Dr. Vendemia was the right doctor for me 

    Just minutes after starting my consultation with Doctor Vendemia I knew he was the right doctor for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring and I couldn’t ask for more.
    I went to see the Doctor after finding out that I possibly had faulty breast implants as a result of a breast augmentation I had done in another country. Doctor V. knew everything about the subject and was very understanding. Prior to seeing Doctor V. I had done a consultation with another Doctor who made me feel bad about the fact that I had done breast augmentation outside the country. But Doctor V. was very different, he was understanding and while he did stress the importance of removing the faulty breast implants he also assured me that everything was going to be great, and most importantly I was going to have peace of mind and look more beautiful with more natural and great quality implants.
    I had my procedure done with the doctor a few days ago, and the implants he recommended look great on my petite body type, and the recovery was so quick as well. Another great advantage of having my procedure done with Doctor V. is the Doctor’s staff. Shea and Karin were always very nice and caring.
    I would definitely recommend the doctor to anyone that will undergo a similar procedure. Doctor V. not only knows that he does very well but also provides great emotional support.


    I would definitely recommend the doctor to anyone that will undergo a similar procedure

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    Tags: breast enlargement new york dr nicholas vendemia of mas manhattan aesthetic surgery   

    I just had breast augmentation with Dr Vendemia… 

    I just had breast augmentation with Dr. Vendemia and could not be happier with the results. I wanted substantial volume without appearing noticeably “fake,” which many other surgeons did not think was realistic for my petite frame. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find the surgeon who really listens to you. I have noticed that many plastic surgeons simply replicate the same results and surgical approach for every patient — with Dr. Vendemia, I felt like he took the time to evaluate my goals and made sure that achieved the look that I wanted. His rapid recovery technique also made the whole recovery process painless and easy — I I would highly recommend Dr. Vendemia!

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    Tags: Juvederm and a TCA Peel by NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery   

    Juvederm and a TCA Peel at MAS… 

    I recently purchased a facial/eye treatment from MAS. While I was in the office I met and spoke with Dr Vendemia and also met some of his post surgery patients. It was clear that Dr V is an excellent plastic surgeon and I decided to have some cosmetic procedures including Juvederm for marionette lines and to augment my lips and a cosmetic peel. I have done these before but the results I have gotten from Dr V were significantly better. I am considering breast reduction surgery and other cosmetic procedures in the future and I will definitely use Dr Vendimia as my surgeon. He is truly an artist as well as a highly qualified surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in cosmetic work.
    Moreover the PA and all the office staff are unusually caring and helpfu so the atmosphere in the office is wonderful.,


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    Tags: Lip Augmentation and IPL by Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Spider Vein Treatment and Lip Augmentation with Juvederm   

    Lip Augmentation and IPL by Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS 

    I have had several great treatment expereinces at MAS recently. I had received vein treament in my legs elsewhere a couple of months ago with little to no positive results. About 2 months after that experience I went to see Shea at MAS through a Groupon and she did the procedure right and got rid of the vein! I am also seeing Shea for a resistant vein on my face for which she is using the pulse light laser. It has gotten better after one treatment (I was told I may need three) and I’m confident that she will make that go away too.

    I recently saw Dr. Vendemia for lip augmentation with Juvederm. I had received treatment with both Restalyne and Juvederm elsewhere in the past on three occassions and I was happy with my results however I experienced a fair amount of swelling and bruising post treatment. I hardly experienced any swelling post treatment with Dr. Vendemia. I experienced a little bruising at the injection sites in the lips themselves, which lasted a few days and I was able to cover it up with lipstick. Note: I am a bruiser so I was pleased that that I only sustained the amount of brusing that I did. And importantly my treatment was virtually painless.

    My experience at MAS has been an absolute pleasure. I’m really happy with my results to date. Shea and Dr. Vendemia and their support staff are extremely attentive, thorough, highly skilled and especially kind. I’m happy to have found them and I look forward to future treatments at MAS.

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