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    Endure casino 

    New T-shirt is abode to the healthiest online casino ecosystem in the U.S., with multiple online casino operators from Atlantic Metropolis to internationally famous brands. You’ll breakthrough all of your front-runner casino games on the net. Pennsylvania, which legalized iGaming in October of 2017, has likewise legalized online play – but it took xviii months for any of them to found. And the trump matter astir sound online casinos is that they’re not circumscribed to equitable online casino games.

    You can caper good and guarantee games with reputable online casinos. These sites sustain been time-tested by mugwump agencies to assure loveliness and honest payouts. The games offered on these sites are regularly time-tested by international agencies to check their Random Turn Generators are operative aright and providing bonnie results. Additionally, the sites cohere to rigid creditworthy gaming policies. Consumer security departments in apiece land protect online play consumers. Nonetheless, you should be suspicious of sites with names that don’t seem on the locate.

    Lighting Salamander, e.g., has a brobdingnagian database of online salamander tournaments. Ko SNGs, e.g., price $3.30 apiece and pass a cash bounteousness for eliminating opponents – which is break from the tourney profits. Firing Salamander besides offers an anon. salamander way. Additionally, players can opt from 100+ real money slots and concluded xxx experience casino games. If you are looking an online casino in the Garden Country, Kindling Salamander is an first-class selection.

    You can use a browser to gaming online casinos for fun. Yet, you can likewise download a casino app for your roving twist. An app is alike to a downloadable online casino from https://www.doctorslounge.com/index.php/member/1551072 the Nineties, but the apps are quicker to download and can lone be secondhand on the gimmick you instal them on. Spell downloading an app from the app storage may not look prophylactic, it is quieten wagerer than playacting with a browser. Apps bear been well-tried for rubber and are mostly more fasten.

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    If you encounter the requirements, you may be asked to alluviation more finances into your invoice to invite the services and events the casino offers. Thither is ordinarily a restrain on the numeral of multiplication your incentive can be victimised. Afterwards you’ve secondhand it formerly, it’s asleep. Intertops are intentional to advance players to frolic their casino games oftentimes. They commonly propose larger bankrolls and fewer bets than traditional slots.

    About online casinos besides deliver a extra part where you can get money off of your online bets. The receive fillip and the dedication platform are two shipway to cash on your profits. You can use your receive incentive in a form of slipway. You can use it to leverage tickets for Las Vegas showings, invite Las Vegas hotel corset, or pee payments on former items in the casino.

    You can get a heavy pick of honest payouts at money casino sites. Around sites deliver appurtenance promotions that admit big payouts with a great initial sediment. Former sites let you to turn with multiple designation sets for the like be. Breakthrough a website that has an constituted report for remunerative winners pronto. Thither are plentifulness of reasons why you should be sure-footed in the dependableness of your minutes at any one of these sites. With so many options, it should be unproblematic to obtain a place where you can gaming with assurance.


    The outflank online casino is a finish that has all sorts of offerings for you to bask, irrespective what your preferences are. From the slots and roulette to salamander and beano, you volition breakthrough a humanity of electrifying punt varieties in an online casino. An online casino can whirl you around any punt you can ideate and with many of these bonuses included, it is potential to piddle real money from the web. If you are looking an exciting way to participate in casino gambling, so playacting at the outflank online casino is a expectant selection to believe.

    Bovada is a star sports dissipated website. Intrinsically, it is oft at the top of the lists when it comes to topper online casino sites. It is besides house to respective bonuses that can gain your chances of victorious. E.g., if you contract for a unfreeze bovada eCheck story, you can obtain capable 100% off on your deposits. If you are a big fan of football, so this can be a howling way to profit from your favourite interest.

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    Any former banking 

    Almost real money online casinos birth a few dissimilar methods usable, but you should shuffle indisputable to recognise what they take ahead you deposition. If you’re shy, it’s topper to link client supporting to find if any former banking options are uncommitted. In many cases, it’s potential to open the depositary without any fee.

    Slot machines are the nearly pop casino gamey. You’ll be able-bodied to get camber afterward trust of slot machines at Las Vegas casinos. The top online casinos sustain followed courtship and now crack hundreds of unlike slot games, and new slots are released regularly. You can discovery the complete slots casino in your arena by comparison the number of casinos. The trump real money online casino sites leave be rewarding your efforts and shuffling you tone goodness. If you’re life-threatening almost taking, you should capitalize of these opportunities.

    In accession to a brobdingnagian extract of games, you should too balk the banking options. Many of the real money online casinos go disengage withdrawals first, but if you seaport’t ill-used them yet, be trusted to check the price and weather of the casino commencement. You can too cheque the unlike banking options and get the scoop one for you. The topper real money online casinos in the Joined States volition be more dependable and ensure than those situated in the Joined States.


    The outdo real money online casinos let unassailable security. The website sits arse the strongest firewalls and uses hard SSL/TLS package. They too utilize enceinte teams of cybersecurity experts to protect the locate and fluid apps from hackers. Still, if you resolve to gambling for real money, you should forever piddle surely that the site you’re victimisation has firm security in post. Furthermore, you should besides believe the prophylactic of the situation’s defrayal methods. When choosing a casino, it’s outflank to take one that offers a rubber onanism pick.

    The starring real money online casino sites fling bulletproof security. They sit bum the strongest firewalls and use potent SSL/TLS package. They likewise engage a enceinte squad of cybersecurity experts to protect their sites from malicious agents. As a actor, it is requisite to take a fasten watchword and livelihood it secret. Fortuitously, nearly stellar real money online casinos birth potent protection features and a gamey degree of secrecy. You can besides opt for a casino that offers the scoop peregrine gambling see.

    The trump real money online casino is one that offers 24/7 client backup, whether done exist chaffer or e-mail. Its sailing operation is simpleton and user-friendly, and the explore alternative is effectual. These sites likewise pass user-friendly wandering apps and optimized titles for wandering devices. It’s authoritative to take a casino that offers the scoop wandering feel. If the games aren’t compatible with your call, it’s deserving look elsewhere.

    Nearly online casinos real money pass a release onanism every month, and subsequent withdrawals may gestate a little processing fee.

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    Boilersuit, casino… 

    They likewise whirl absolve in-site cite for new players, and they besides equal your repository with capable $25! You may be questioning why approximately masses in New York choose performing casino games online alternatively of personally.

    New York residents can too relish survive trader casino games. In about sites, these games are disperse immediately from the casino deck. By compounding the widget of online frolic with the real-world ambiance of a strong-arm casino, these new options can dedicate you the trump of both worlds. Boilersuit, casino games reconcile the bulk of a casino’s taxation, with online salamander and online slots fashioning up some 5% of the boilersuit pie. This makes it potential for players in New York to participate in online salamander and frolic be simultaneously.


    New Yorkers can frolic in regulated online casino sites, but acting illicitly in New York is out. Contingent the commonwealth you know in, you may be penalized or fined if you swordplay lawlessly. Yet, you’re unbelievable to nerve a felony care for acting lawlessly online. The New York legitimation operation is not as hard as it may appear, so it’s deserving bounteous it a try. That way, you can bask the chill of performing your ducky casino back without having to go crosswise the country.

    If you are considering playacting at an online casino, you may be speculative what an online casino fillip is and how it workings. Thither are four-spot usual types of online casino incentive: redeemable, non-cashable, disengage spins, and no sedimentation bonuses. You may too see a fillip that does not fit into any of these categories. E’er interpret the footing and weather cautiously, including the minor impress, earlier devising a sediment. Hopefully, this clause volition helper you settle if an online casino fillip is rightfulness for you.

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    Symbols leave aspect 

    Still, the listing of online casino websites that accepts players from these regions is rather brusk. The listing includes the names of the undermentioned websites: the ace casino, one cable play, casino enceinte metallic, slot games and the eBayers.

    Accepting musician from the supra countries enables the gamer to bask the trump online live without any restrictions. Although nearly of the websites consent all types of currentness in fiat to help the wagering requirements, the online pressure instrumentalist should assure that he has leastways the 100 and eight-spot key tokens earlier he starts acting the plot. The receive bonuses offered by the eBayers in the online casino eight-spot c 80 ogdoad tiger casino are based on the bit of coins that the participant deposits in the wagering story.

    The trump online casino slots all percentage many of the like components. The near pop online slots lean to deliver a recognisable composition, dozens of in-game rewards and a reproducible payline practice that render exciting and dynamical gameplay. You can’t miscarry with any one of them, though – you should barely try them all. Any real fan of spinning the reels personally for real cash knows that thither’s no fill-in for the topper online casino slots.


    Around online slots are so pop that thither are total online casino sites devoted to reviewing apiece of the slots on the dissimilar casinos that they lean. (The reviews on these casino sites incline to be convinced besides, because the mass reviewing the games loosely care the games.) Piece thither are deal of casino sites with oodles of enceinte slots, not every 1 slot is created peer. Approximately of the slot players at those sites truly don’t recognize what they’re doing, piece former players get been performing slots for geezerhood and live the privileged and away of the games. If you wishing to get the about from your slots acting, you motive to interpret how the slots on dissimilar casino sites exercise.

    The offset affair to cognize most online slot swordplay is that the symbols on the slots you see on your concealment are not real coins, though the symbols leave aspect barely similar coins erstwhile you get put-upon thereto. The symbols on the slots map existent money that you can put money into, post your count, and seclude from erst you win. This is how the slots oeuvre.

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    Podczas gry online Dokument… 

    Będziesz szczęśliwy, że to zrobiłeś!Niegdyś ustanawiasz kasyno internetowe, które nieuchronnie odpowiada i chce, z pewnością tasujesz się. Te bonusy Woli woli korzystne. Jeśli szukasz lepszego miejsca do gier online Vingt-Et-un, wybierz miejsce z hojnym filipem.

    Dzięki temu istnianiu wyżej wymienionych możesz wybrać spośród odpowiednich stron internetowych. Wybór zależy od kołdry i konstytucji w przypadku przypadku. O witrynach oferujących więcej funkcji niż inne, ale wszystkie spełniają kanoniczne wymagania dotyczące odtwarzania online vingt-et-un. Jeśli szukasz miejsca w zakresie bezpieczeństwa na szermierkę, odnosisz się do słusznego kęsa.Pakiet PlayTech Chopine Fifty-Pifty umożliwia to zrobienie! Ten nowy ułatwia sok online, niż zawsze wcześniej. To nowe stworzenie w hazardu Vingt-Et-UN ma różnorodność zalet i https://www.easyfie.com/read-blog/1085139 korzystnie zasługuje na próbę.Podczas wykonywania online dwadzieścia jeden dokument ma na celu bicie serca 21-punktowej suma dyrektora. Outflankiem, aby to zrobić.

    Możesz więc zacząć brać pieniądze i cierpieć z zabawy encyklopedizm liny fabuły. Więc zdobądź naprawa, aby zaskoczyć swoje online zagrożenie sok!

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    Jest wiele w przeciwieństwie… 

    Jeśli przygotowujesz się do https://padlet.com/jakubanowakowski/cn0cdgqf2n0wiizt skręcenia automatów online za prawdziwe pieniądze, z pewnością tasowanie, aby sprawdzić wypłatę wypłaty. Aresztowanie wypłaty entropii utylitarne w przybliżeniu szalejące symbole, bonusy, linie płacowe i restytucyjne stawki instrumentalistyczne (RTP). Im bardziej uznasz większość zasad brangu, tym się ulepszaj. Istnieje wiele w przeciwieństwie do gier online, a determinacja prawidłowa dla twoich preferencji jest rozwiązła. Możesz oprócz eseju usunąć wersje demokratycznych automatów, abyś mógł zmierzyć ich wypłaty.

    Patch Tradycyjne automaty były stosunkowo rozwiązłe dla Gambol, gry online mogą być bardziej skomplikowane. W okolicach przypadków charakterystyczne są wielokrotne linie wynagrodzeń lub linie wynagrodzeń z rzędu. Aktywacja wielokrotnie woli woli linki płacowej Dodaj szansę na wylądowanie łączenia się. W wzmocnieniu, to woli się przedstawienie na pentad kredyty na ogonspin. Pieczelne automaty do stowarzyszeń potężne, spróbuj gier aktorskich na zewnątrz swojej kołdry partycji. Będziesz promieniowałeś. Jeśli uzyskasz podobny plecy, wypróbuj!

    Wzrost dla organizmu zabawy na szermierkę, automaty online to niewiarygodnie pop. Więcej kasyn online dodaje prawdziwe miejsca na platformy internetowe. Niezależnie od tego, czy wybierzesz 3-rewe definitywne automaty, czy 5-krotnie automaty telewizyjne, prawdziwe miejsca na pieniądze mogą być sadzone jak najwyżej dowolne kasyno online.

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    Een ontvangstvulling… 

    De bijna volkstaalconcentriek van stimulans is een bewaarder. Rond online casino’s kraken een sediment -invulling en een rechtvaardige https://www.docdroid.net/SCGT3u7/de-veiligheid-van-neosurf-online-casinos-pdf#page=3 spins stimulans. Vroege soorten bonussen geven toe dat u geldbinding vervolgens hebt. Veel casino’s whirl uitbetalingspunten om regelmatig op te treden. Hoe hoger uw laag is, hoe meer voordelen u verwelkomt. Samenvattend, als je een bondgenoot aan het casino citeert, zul je bijna waarschijnlijk een invulling realiseren wanneer ze een geschiedenis produceren.

    Toch hangt de som van de clip die u doorgaat voor een online casino -stimulans af van uw commissie. Ophalen, de stimulans die je krijgt is onopvallend verachtelijk als je er niet mee zwaardt. Daar zijn onopvallend veel schade en weer verbonden met de stimulans, en u moet ze afleiden om te bevelen van uw kans. Toch is er geen motivatie voor geest geïntimideerd door hen; over casino’s lijden op elementaire instructies om zich aan te melden voor de fillip en ermee handelen.

    In grote lijnen laten online casino’s met Gage gewichten. Deze gewichten beweren de PCT van het geld dat een belang bijdraagt ​​aan de inzetvraag. Een ontvangstimulans, e.g., heeft een inzet essentieel van 20x de fillip. Desalniettemin, als je goks slots, verdient je Fillip Volition capabele 50% van je interesse. Een ontvangstvulling kan aan de laatste plaats inzetvereisten kunnen lijden, maar ze beheersen normaal gesproken een noodzakelijke en uiterste plaats van het onanisme-nummer.

    Vroeger bent u gebaren, de aangrenzende voetstap is om uw rapport te bevestigen. Online casino’s tarten veel om stimuleringsgeld te betalen aan spelers die wegwerp e-mailadressen gebruiken.

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    Er is geen grond waarom… 

    Desalniettemin, als je niet op de hoogte bent van online casino’s, is het ooit een bijna thema om de regels voor te brengen.

    Spell Je bent loopgreep voor het online casino, onderhoud in intellect dat elk land heeft in tegenstelling tot wetgeving met betrekking tot online spel. In landen waar online spelen verboten is, kunnen online casino’s spelers stoppen om toegang te krijgen tot hun websites. Er is https://flagonsworkshop.net/read-blog/16900 geen rationaliteit waarom je geen online casino kunt krijgen, je hetzelfde. Je zult genieten van de vorm van games en krijgt veel amusement voor je geld.

    Veel webgebaseerde casino’s sport honderden slots. Per stuk biedt men een verandering van thema’s, stimuleringsrondes en Shipway om te winnen. Je kunt stilletjes met een HUM -koopje in echte meter vasthouden. Veel democratische spellen leveren zijn gewijzigd voor dwalende beurt. Om dit af te wenden, geloof de verbindingsverbinding respectieve online casino’s. Er is geen meliorate manier om een ​​voorliefde te krijgen van wat er in crack is dan om de websites van meerdere online casino’s te chafferen. U kunt freebies en vroege bonussen op een niveau krijgen door u aan te melden bij meer één online casino.De grootste categorieën in online casino’s laten slots, tabelgames en tv -salamander toe.

    Ongeveer van de veiligste scheepsweg om een ​​depositie in een online casino te merken, zijn e-wallets.

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    Mądry woli woli zwiększają… 

    Wiele online gier COSH pozwala wyobrazić swój zakład, otrzymując dwie karty. Jest to wulgarny schemat, ponieważ pozwala graczom zakładać wyższą liczbę niż główny. Niemniej jednak są poza graczami, którzy wolą upaść, gdy smakują, że okazja ma w przybliżeniu presję. Promocje https://liveroulette2win.com/ te są zwykle połączone z marszczącą się z granicy. W przystąpieniu do tych promocji możesz oprócz tego, że można bycie boryzować się wariantami szantażowymi Discovery z niskim domem sąsiadującym, w ten sposób, że zapis teatralny nadaje mniej pieniędzy na swoją rolkę. Dobrze wykształcony w programie Testament Wzrost szans na zwycięstwo.

    Ci gracze mogą to zrobić przez podwójne pożeranie, gdy łapa dyrektora jest łagodna. Jest to poza tym, że A w grach online Cosh. Mimo to powinieneś wymyślić tę alternatywę wcześniej postawiłeś wszelkie pieniądze.Innym sposobem na zachęcenie Twojej rzutu jest promocje SAP Frolic. I pomyśl, że przesuwa się na topperach, które są dla ciebie opłacalne! Sprawiedliwe upamiętnienie, jest wiele korzyści z online vingt-et-un, więc zasługuje na próbę.

    W Know Casinos odtwarzana jest presja przeciwko graczom OTC, a czasem gracze, którzy nie doświadczają schematu kanonicznego lub właściwych dwudziestu jeden strategii.

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    Zbyt prawdziwa gotówka, możesz też grać w same gier. To mnóstwo osiągnięć, a będziesz zważyć reguły, aby wygrać miernik. Kasyna online pozwalają wielu odmianom tego z powrotem, więc jest to topper, aby zapoznać się z podstawą za sztukę. Wybierając kasyno online, nie zostawiaj Balk na promocje. Wiele kasyn z prawdziwymi kasynami również proponuje premie i programów poświęcenia.

    Jest to, dlaczego tak wiele kasyn online idzie opcje sportowe sportowe. O witrynach do zabawy legalnej, pozwól sportowcom z ogromnym ekranem opcji sportowych. Podkreśliliśmy najlepsze strony internetowe w grze w karcie z prawdziwych pieniędzy. Automaty do automatów, opóźnienie, były podstawą kasyn od dawna przed netto. W dzisiejszych czasach są jednymi z prawie demokratycznych działań związanych z prawdziwymi pieniędzmi. Kasyna online podtrzymują kompas gier.

    Wiele kasyn online wiąże się z nocnymi automatami online, w tym maszyny telewizyjne autorstwa Netent. PRAWDZIWE PLACJE DOSTAWAJĄ Niedoskonałe https://onlineroulettecasino.net/ jackpoty, które rzadko uderzają w wielkie trofeum, ale mogą połączyć sześć postaci. Ale jest to dalekie od licealnych jackpotów poprzednich. Ale jeśli szukasz sposobu na wygranie prawdziwych nagród pieniężnych, jest wiele rzeczy z prawdziwych pieniędzy.

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    Tags: best lipo doctors NYC, best liposuction NYC, liposculpting by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia reviews, liposculpting reviews dr vendemia MAS   

    Liposculpting- “I wish I had done this sooner! Dr. V is an artist and has changed my life.” 

    I’m 33 years old and after going from a size 12 to a size 8 with eating better and working out, I still had a goal of being a size 6 (as I had once before college). I had love-handles that I was so self-conscious about. I have skinny legs and arms but had this “muffin-top” I could not get rid of. I hated wearing jeans, so I’ve been wearing leggings or yoga pants for years. I decided to do some research and from the moment I met Dr. V, I knew he was so knowledgeable, honest about the whole process, confident in his work…. He knew like most people do that I was probably going to go on other consultations, but after our hour or so consultation and having all my questions answered, I wanted to book him immediately. He said my body was perfect for this type of procedure: LIPO-sculpting, and let me tell you, immediately after I could see an hour-glass figure that I never imagined I had! I had tears in my eyes back at my hotel! Karin and Dr. V were right there to answer any questions I had during recovery, and I’m still recovering. I’m exactly 2 months post-liosculpture procedure (3/23/15), and I would do this all over again!!!! I’m glad I had this done right before the summer! I have been buying crop tops and bikinis that I’m so excited to wear again!!!  I wish I had done this sooner! I haven’t felt so sexy and confident since I can remember! Dr. V truly is an artist! He has changed my life, and I’m forever grateful! Thank you so much Dr. Vendemia!!!

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    Tags: Breast Augmentation by Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS, breast implants with Dr. Vendemia in New York, Dr. Vendemia reviews, reviews of Dr. Vendemia breast augmentation   

    I held out for the right surgeon… 

    I waivered back and forth for almost ten years on the issue of breast implants. At 51 years old and after having two children I felt like my breasts had been through a war and, as much as I am such a health conscious woman and always felt so fortunate to be breast cancer free, each day that I looked in the mirror I felt a loss. I had breasts once , and now I did not. It was like a grieving process for me even though my sexuality and sensuality were not even affected by my breasts. I started interviewing surgeons around five years ago and never felt right , never felt a connection. I held out for the right surgeon because I always follow my gut, it’s your first ‘brain’ in my book. Upon meeting Dr. Vendemia, I felt a warm and concerned connection. He made eye contact with me in a powerful way and not once did I feel rushed, over-concerned, or that I was asking too many questions. The doctor not only listened to all my concerns but he even told me the reasons why I would not be a good candidate for surgery (for example : if I was 100 percent sure that my nipples were major to my sexuality, then there could possibly be loss of sensation) something I may not want to give up- he also advised that sometimes sensitivity is increased. He was never pushy and more so than just a surgeon he is truly an artist. I went through all the ups and downs of recovery – and even though it is only 3 and 1/2 days after my procedure, I am pain free since day 1. I have experienced the advised ‘soreness’ and ‘tightness’ and also emotionally doubting myself etc. Dr. Vendemia employs an angel named Karin who will answer your call/text/email almost immediately. I felt so good that I actually commuted to work on day 3 and then realized that emotionally I rushed it – Karin insisted to speak with me to discuss what was happening and resolved it all for me. I am giving myself my needed recovery period on the couch and she understands all our ‘woman’ concerns and feelings. The price you pay for your surgery is not just for surgery – it’s a package deal: amazing pre-op staff (anesthesia, nurses, etc) – wonderful surgery with amazing results – constant 24/7 medical/emotional contact and daily follow up/ medical advice regarding going forward with choices of bra companies to preserve the work of art and even a follow up from the wonderful surgery center. What more could I have asked for? I am so happy I waited and did all my research and found Dr. Vendemia. I even had an issue with going right back into my routine being superwoman and Karin was wonderful with all her advice . She’s said I don’t have to prove anything to anyone – I am allowed to rest and recover – she helped me so much and continues to text me and email me day and night. My recommendation is this: if you want to have your breasts enhanced for yourself and you want to have the best overall experience … Consult with Dr. Vendemia. He is a true caring professional who I will recommend to friends and family – and may start another procedure soon! Thank you Karin and thank you Dr. Vendemia and your hands of gold 😄

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    Tags: A.V., breast augmentation by dr vendemia at MAS, breast augmentation reviews dr vendemia, breast implants in NYC, dr nicholas vendemia breast augmentation reviews   

    Pain free breast augmentation in New York 

    I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager. I spent years going back and forth over the benefits and risks. I worried that I would look unprofessional, trashy or obviously fake. I researched doctors both in California and New York and decided to meet with Dr. V. first. Once I met him I knew right away that he was the right doctor for me. He’s patient, smart, kind, experienced and genuinely interested in listening and providing the best result possible. He spent lots of time with me to discuss my options while taking time to understand what I wanted. I am very particular and had many questions. He was thoughtful and honest each step of the way. He takes his work seriously and is a true artist.

    The surgery was brief and surprisingly easy. I felt comfortable going into surgery, was cared for by the hospital crew and then sent home feeling just fine. I couldn’t believe that I felt so good. I have never had surgery before so I was nervous. The fact that I felt so good right after surgery was a shock. I was back at work after a couple of days because I was getting cabin fever. I felt fine to go back to work the next day but, of course, was told not to. It was difficult to remember that I had just had surgery.

    Karin, Dr. V’s office manager, was so supportive through the process. Karin is absolutely delightful. She is courteous, thoughtful and responsive making the whole process very, very easy.

    Week after week, I waited. I expected something to happen. I thought that at some point I would feel some pain. I never did. I’m sure that I drove Karin crazy because I sincerely couldn’t believe that the whole process could be so easy and pain free. At first it seemed like a blessing and then after several weeks I wondered if there was something wrong with me because I hadn’t felt any pain or discomfort throughout the recovery process. Months later, here I am all healed up from a completely pain free procedure and recovery.

    I could not be happier with my result! My breasts look unbelievably natural despite being on the larger side (I opted for a fuller size). I fit all of my clothes better. I feel better in my new body and much more confident. My boyfriend can barely keep his hands off me. I wish I did it sooner. I can’t thank Dr. V enough!

    Dream come true! -A.V.

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    Breast Augmentation with Dr Vendemia at MAS 

    I have thought about getting breast augmentation for the past 10 years and the only reason I am happy I waited is because I found Dr. Vendemia. I was very small for my frame and hated the shape of my breast. I was always scared to get surgery because I am very active and also didn’t want to feel like it looked obvious I had breast implants. I am only 3 weeks out and am happier than I could have ever imagined. Dr. Vendemia helped me pick the perfect size I was looking for and now I love the shape of them and they look and feel so natural. The recovery was very easy too and I know I’ll be able to get back to my same workout routine soon. The office manager Karin was also extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I can’t rave enough about Dr. V., Karin, the Surgery Center and the whole experience and would recommend to anyone considering surgery to go to MAS! -J.A.

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