Breast Augmentation with Dr Vendemia at MAS

I have thought about getting breast augmentation for the past 10 years and the only reason I am happy I waited is because I found Dr. Vendemia. I was very small for my frame and hated the shape of my breast. I was always scared to get surgery because I am very active and also didn’t want to feel like it looked obvious I had breast implants. I am only 3 weeks out and am happier than I could have ever imagined. Dr. Vendemia helped me pick the perfect size I was looking for and now I love the shape of them and they look and feel so natural. The recovery was very easy too and I know I’ll be able to get back to my same workout routine soon. The office manager Karin was also extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I can’t rave enough about Dr. V., Karin, the Surgery Center and the whole experience and would recommend to anyone considering surgery to go to MAS! -J.A.