I simply can’t say enough FANTASTIC things about Dr. Vendemia…

First of all I want to apologize for taking so long to rave about Dr V., Karin, the Surgery Center and staff!
I had a serious ego 911 situation – I had 14 year old bilateral saline implants (with no issues) until 2 1/2 weeks before my niece’s wedding. While showering, my left breast implant deflated – which would not have been a big deal except I had a wedding to attend in 2 weeks – my original surgeon was no longer practicing so I began my online search for hours… I found MAS & Dr. V. – I read his website from end to end (hours of reading & researching) – I reviewed images on all the different galleries – read the testimonials – Dr V’s background and searched online to see if there were any complaints or issues (since I didn’t know him or anyone that had had surgery with him)….I was quite impressed with the results in the galleries – so despite what people say it’s all in the eye of the beholder 🙂

After seeing the results on the website – I thought – maybe I could get an eyelid lift while we were at it – so I would look really refreshed for the wedding – not just perky 🙂

Having recently turned 50 and having a hereditary droopy eyelid (worse with age) – I figured – why not – let’s see if I could have my 50th birthday wishes come true – don’t forget – I have 2 1/2 weeks until my niece’s wedding!!!!

Step one was completed – I found the doctor for me – now step 2, 3, 4 & 5 weren’t going to be easy to accomplish —
1) get a consultation in the next few days
2) schedule surgery within a week
3) take care of financing & pre-op clearance
4) have surgery with 1 week for recovery!!! OMG – can Dr. Vendemia pull it off?????

I was very nervous about the deflated implant (you hear so many horror stories), and I’ve seen awful plastic doll faces after eyelid surgery – but I was confident (based on what I read & saw) that Dr. V could make me refreshed and perky once again!

So this is how easy it was; sent a text message, left a phone message, and sent an email – because I NEEDED an appointment FAST – Karin – Dr. V’s right hand lady – contacted me immediately – we spoke on the phone – I explained my very tight deadline and my hopeful wishes – she was able to change things around and I got in immediately for my consultation…AMAZING!!!! She handled everything with ease – got my questions answered, and it felt like she wived a magic wand —- and all was taken care of – financing done, pre-op appointments, lab work, etc – all handled in the consultation – simply AMAZING!!!!! surgery scheduled, phone numbers to call with questions – texts back and forth to be sure I was getting everything accomplished before surgery…
and then Dr. V – was nothing short of amazing!!!!!! So compassionate, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, confident – not arrogant – GREAT bedside manor – made me feel completely at ease!!!!! Answered all my questions (the ones I forgot – I texted Karin & she got me answers immediately – as if he were standing right there) – he explained that the implants weren’t going to be an issue, but that I would have to rest & ice all week to be sure I had no bruising/swelling for the wedding – he believed it was possible – and as a result so did I !!!!!!

Surgery went off without a hitch – the anesthesiologist was just as wonderful as Dr. V – as were the nurses, techs, and staff – which made the day go very smoothly and comfortable – very relaxed environment – you don’t feel like a number – you feel well taken care of!!!!

Dr. V did exactly as promised – he made me perky and bright eyed again!!!!!! I didn’t have a single bruise/swelling the day of the wedding!!!!! Not one – not a little – nothing – I am still amazed at the results – my dress fit GREAT and I looked refreshed and awake for my photos 🙂

I simply can’t say enough FANTASTIC things about Dr. Vendemia, & Karin – they were the reason I was able to look FABULOUS in 2 1/2 weeks – what a feat!!!!! I recommend Dr. Vendemia 200% – thank you so very much – sincerely – thank you – thank you – thank you!!!!!!! Carole C.