My breast augmentation case was particularly difficult…

When I first went to Dr.Vendemia for consultation on breast augmentation I actually worried that he might refuse to accept my case given the challenges it posed. Not only do I have a small frame with nearly no breast tissue, I had a childhood trauma to my chest that depressed one side of my chest bone, leaving my breasts asymmetric in every way – depth, width, height, nipple line, etc… Dr. Vendemia assured me that he would be able to fix the problems but he would need to use implants of two different sizes. On the day of the surgery a few OR nurses asked me who my surgeon was. When i told them it was Dr. Vendemia they all told me he was great and that I was in good hands. They were right. The end result turned out surprisingly fabulous! The nipples and breast folds of my new breasts aligned just perfectly even with implants of different size, and my breasts look pretty natural and symmetrical. My recovery time was much shorter than I expected. Dr. Vendemia really did take time to evaluate my case and presented me all the possible options of implant types and sizes that I could choose from. He was also very honest with the adivce he gave. Even after the procedure, he would still take time to answer any concerns and continued to follow up with me closely. This procedure meant alot to me and I am extremely thankful to Dr. Vendemia. Believe me, he is truely a gifted plastic surgeon. If he was able to perform such an impressive job in a challenging case like mine, you should not have any doubt in his ability to do a good job in yours. Schedule a consultation to see him nowwww ! 🙂

  • Rachel