I had my cheekbones done by Dr. Vendemia…

I went in about one month ago to get some filler in my check bones and I am super happy with the result. I’ve been several other places before, recived fillers from different doctors.But in my experience I can definitely say that, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia is the best in his field. Dr. Vendemia knows how to inject, where to inject, what to inject. First of all, he really took time with me and explain the procedure. We decided Radiesse is best for my check bones.He has a gentle hand, I had very little pain, no brusing at all. I am really impressed with the job he has done.My face look lifted and I have nice natural definition out of my check bones.Not over done, I feel like I had a mini face lift. I love my check bones. Dr. Vendemia is not only very good also he is super nice. His stuff ( specially Karen and Shea ) are very kind and profesional.It’s a beautiful office with a good lighting. The minute I walked in everything was pleasant and welcoming. I am very happy I found him, and I highly requement Dr. Nicholas Vendemia. PS. I didn’t want my before and after pictures on the web site but please feel free to ask my before and after photos in their office files.
-Zahra B.O.